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Smart Devices . 2 Way IoT Gateway . Decision Science
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Distributing intelligence across the stack

Smart Devices

Devices that THINK. With array of sensors optimized for phenomenal life in single cycle. Each device is unique, as its sensor characteristics are dynamic based on the environment and it's usage.

IoT Platform

Scalable platform. The 2 way encapsulated gateway for devices, acts like a orchestrator for various messages and secure delivery between API endpoints and remote devices.

Decision Science

Learning, adapting, protecting. A real time BigData processing engine based on machine learning. Alerts based on predictive incremental algorithms.



Orchestrating Logistics in a Complex Supply Chain World.

Manage task force, Locate shipments, Track deliveries.

RoboRyde with NEO

NEO provides box level tracking of your consignment.

Communicate with your individual consignment.


Designed around a portable self learning wireless thermostat.

Fresh produce, Live stock and Cold chain management

Discover Operational Efficiency

Experience the power of decision science on IoT. Our entire application workflow has been designed around operational bottleneck. Increase efficiency! Increase ROI!

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