Smart procurement and delivery gives enterprises full visibility streamlining business processes and optimizing demand and supply.
Just in Time

Forget delay, reduce safety stock. Avoid rush shipments and low/surplus inventory.

Just in Sequence

Providing just the right amount of supplies in event-driven process chain for on-time manufacturing.

More Business

Sensors will monitor the processes, while you produce more with same capacity and people.

Reduce Cost

Managing lead time and load relationship. From Turn around Time to Detention cost.

Production Resource Planning

RoboTransit and RoboSense fills the gap between you, your suppliers and your fulfillment orders.

Greater Control

Real-time awareness of en-route shipments and alerts based on deviations.

Intelligent Decisions

Smart sensors will allows control, predict equipment failure, notify for pro-active planning.

Optimum Inventory

Reduce stock, cycle times and beyond everything turn around time as if suppliers are right next door.


Understand utilization areas. Freight optimization with load-ability requirements of LTL and FTL.

Control damage and accidents with predictive alerts…