What does RoboTransit Solve?

Devices, data and services come together to automate your asset monitoring

Visibility & Transparency

Real-time visibility across all modes of transport and communicating en-route disruptions even if its 3PL.

Unpredictable ETA

Dashboard view of all assets and arrival time at destination. Real-time updates of happening and not happening of events.

Operational Bottleneck

Recommendation engine for diffusing process bottlenecks by reducing TAT, detention cost and route optimizations.

Performance Insights

Sophisticated and fast insights based on digital footprints. Enables what-if analysis to determine best course of action.

ROBO – The Intelligent Device

Self Learning . Adapting . Protecting .

Portable Global Device


Works across all transport modes


20 – 100 days of Phenomenal life in a single charge


Auto programs itself based on movement and speed


Ability to handle network outages and poor connectivity

Orchestrating Logistics in a Complex Supply Chain World

Wireless IoT solutions for the physical ASSETS

Real-time Visibility

Collaborative monitoring inside organisation & extend visibility outside safely

Advance Planning

Plan resources and journeys. Stay informed & alerted for any serious deviations.

Predictive Alerts

Turn data into actionable intelligence. Real-time engine for event driven alerts.

API Layer

Web services API layer offers decoupled data and functionality in language-agnostic way for integration with any application

Enterprise Security

Pervasive encryption across network, endpoint and identity information. Role based access controlled groups of users and assets

Conversational UX

Fusing business and user goals. Neat and clutter-free design with focus on consistency and simplicity relaying relevant information

Discover Operational Efficiency


Experience the power of decision science on IoT. Our entire application workflow has been designed around operational bottleneck. Increase efficiency! Increase ROI!




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